Bolt Performance Program

Bolt Tennis Academy

ages 8-25
Bolt Tennis was founded on the pure desire to make tennis players better! Our approach is not fancy, flashy, or intended to sell. It is based on identifying how to build a player from the foundation up. We fundamentally believe that work starts in training, well before the match ever starts. Preparation is the key to all success.

Although drilling and rote skill production are ESSENTIAL, we want our players to develop a love for the game combined with winning traits that they can put to practical use. Applying and honing a newly developed slice backhand, or choosing an important shot selection pattern during a tenuous match are only improved when they are put into pressured situations and applied to real-life scenarios.

Our coaching process is founded on making players independent so they can think and react for themselves in crucial situations. This approach develops the whole player and can be applied to life in general. With an emphasis on stroke production, players can fine-tune their game to adapt to their age and level.

These same principles are applied when coaching our ITF Junior Apex and Pro Touring teams. Bolt Tennis Academy proudly coaches and manages 4 ATP players who are achieving the highest level in Tennis. We use the same method with our juniors as we do with the Pros; build off the positive and give them the confidence to grow, on and off the court.
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