MJS Tennis is proud to partner with the USTA.
We offer access to more than 30 scheduled USTA events per year for both juniors and adults of all ages and playing abilities.

Grand Prix

These 1-day tournaments are designed for players 5 years and older.
Total event time per division is approximately 2.5 hours.

Students will participate in guided match play where they will learn how to call score, change ends, call lines, focus on point construction, and have a whole lot of fun!

A perfect “soft competitive” environment where players can hone their skills in match play and LEARN!
Am I good enough to play in a Grand Prix?... if you can rally 3, you are play to PLAY Grand Prix.

Students are not required to overhead serve. If you forget your racquet at a Grand Prix, don’t worry! We will have one for you!

Round Robin Events

Red Ball / Orange Ball /Green Dot / Yellow / Advanced Yellow (equivalent to USTA Level 6)
What to Wear & Bring:
Please provide your player with plenty of hydration. A large thermos of ice water is always recommended.

Although individual bottles of water and sports drinks can do the trick, they need to be identified with a name written on them. We also encourage healthy sports drinks and any other type of drink with electrolytes.

Healthy Snack like Fruits, sandwich, healthy chips are easy to pack and easy for the players to manage during matches. A small hand held or rolling cooler with their name on it keeps drinks cold during play.

Junior Circuit

The USTA is currently offering a 3 year FREE membership to all JUNIORS.
You can obtain this FREE membership by calling the USTA at 1-800-990-8782
or visit them at and click “JuniorMembership”.

USTA Numbers are required to enter Orange & Green dot tournaments very similar to the Grand Prix. Players play approximately 2.5 hours, Round Robin format.
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