Junior Tennis

Junior Sprouts

(3-4 years old) 30 minutes


(4-5 years old) 30 minutes

Red Ball

(5-8 years old) 60 minutes
Growing a LOVE of the Game!!!​
Students will grow a love of the game in these one hour classes where they learn the fundamentals of the sport, including tennis terminology, court boundaries, basic scoring, ground strokes, volleys, underhand serves, etc.... Through an array of fun drills and games, they will grow into and learn a sport of a lifetime.
36 foot court using 21-23 inch rackets

Orange Ball

(6-12 years old) 60 minutes
Students will continue to grow and advance their skills using more advanced games and drills, match play, overhead serve, regulation scoring, singles and doubles formats, just to name a few! Orange ball is a perfect way for even more advanced players to hone their skills as the ball bounce lower and slower allowing time to work on proper technique.
60 foot court using 23-25 inch rackets

Green Dot

(8-16 years old) 60 minutes
Players grow with their game to play on a regulation 78 foot court using a green dot ball which is one before Yellow or “regulation” ball. This ball bounces with a slightly lower bounce allowing players to learn and apply proper technique. Players will continue to learn All aspects of play including topspin, slice, serve, drop shot, basic point construction in both singles and doubles.
Regulation 78 foot court using 25-27 inch rackets

Yellow Ball

(age 11+) 60 minutes
These classes are perfectly designed for students wanting to get to the next level. Whether you are in high school or middle school, these classes will help you advance your game to prepare you for competitive tennis.Classes are offered on different days at various locations. Please check our calendar for specific days and times near you.
Full court using 25-27 inch rackets
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